What is the Seaside Award?

image of paddling children

Visits to coastal areas play an integral role in England’s tourism and of all holidays taken in England by UK residents, seaside holidays accounted for over a third of all holiday trips and a third of all spend. According to the latest UK Tourism figures 15.2 million seaside holidays were taken in England during 2008 with a total spend of £3.2 billion.

This increasing importance of our coastline has brought with it higher visitor expectations and greater scrutiny on the quality of our beaches and coastal areas. In response to these demands Keep Britain Tidy has developed the Seaside Award. Focusing on raising standards at the coast the Seaside Award is a symbol of those beaches which have achieved the very highest standards.

The Seaside Award provides an effective management tool for beach managers helping them plan for future improvements and to generate funding to achieve these developments. Beach managers are given a unique three year action plan to help identify areas which may require improvement and help maintain the beaches' existing infrastructure.

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