Frequently Asked Questions

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I have forgotten my login details. Can you send them to me?

If you have forgotten your password you can use the password retrieval link in the application section of the website. Retrieve Password, where you will be asked to enter the email you registered with. If you cannot remember the email, please contact Keep Britain Tidy on 01942 612602 and a member of the team will look up your details.

I finished and submitted my application but have realised

that I need to change something. How can I alter my


Please get in touch with the team on 01942 612 602 and they will be able to help you alter the application.

I am not sure what category to apply under – can you help?

The category descriptions and criteria can be found here Award Categories. If you are still uncertain, please get in touch and a member of the team will be happy to discuss your application.

What are the benefits of applying for a Seaside Award?

By achieving a Seaside Award you will:

What is the cost of applying for a Seaside Award?

1 to 3 award applications will cost £508 + VAT per beach per season
4 to 6 award applications will cost £483 + VAT per beach per season
7+ award applications will cost £457 + VAT per beach per season

When do beach operators have to apply for a Seaside Award?

Seaside Awards run during the bathing season only. The deadline for the 2014 bathing season is 24th March 2014

How will the public understand the different categories?

The different categories will not be marketed to the public directly. The award will be marketed to the public as one quality mark and Keep Britain Tidy will provide managers with clear information to display on site which explains why the beach has received a Seaside Award.

How long will it take beach operators to apply for a Seaside Award?

Applying for a Seaside Award is a simple and relatively quick process. As operators can save their progress and log in and out of the website at any time, the application can be spread over several sessions.

The system is a series of simple ‘Yes/No’ questions. After answering these questions, the system will prompt you to provide some further information and then will automatically produce an application form and an action plan.

The application form will include:

The action plan will be divided into sections showing:

What supporting information will I need to send in?

All operators will be asked for:

These documents can either be uploaded via the application area of the website, or sent in separately.

When will media announcements about the Seaside Award be made?

The main media announcement is planned for 20th May 2014 focusing on the forthcoming bathing season

What promotional materials will beach operators receive?

All successful applicants will receive a Seaside Award poster and flag or plaque to display at their beach promoting the award to the public. Extra flags and plaques can be purchased from Keep Britain Tidy. For more information on prices, contact the Programmes Team.

How and by whom will the Seaside Award applications be reviewed?

Keep Britain Tidy will examine all applications to the Seaside Award internally to ensure all criteria are being met and supporting information has been submitted.

The applications will then be reviewed by the Blue Flag and Seaside Award National Jury in February. Specialised aspects of an application i.e. the risk assessment, will be separately reviewed.

Will the beaches be surveyed?

A team of trained Keep Britain Tidy surveyors will visit all Seaside Award beaches to assess whether they meet the standards of this award scheme. The results of the survey will be used to provide a report which will be sent to the beach operator shortly after the surveys have been completed.

What happens if we don’t enter for a Seaside Award?

The Seaside Award is entirely a voluntary scheme and Keep Britain Tidy will not speak negatively against any authority that chooses not to take part. Should we receive media enquiries regarding why certain beaches have not entered the awards we always highlight the fact that we hope to work with them in the future before directing them to the relevant authority for an official comment.

What does it mean if the Flag has been lowered?

There are a number of reasons as to why Flags are lowered, they are:
• Water quality failure
• Pollution incident
• No lifeguard on duty
• No first aid facilities
• Timed dog ban has finished for the day.
Reasons for lowering flags should be outlined and explained to the general public through clear signage and notice boards.

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